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Welcome to Pokeforum Snark, your one stop shop for Pokemon forum wank. Thread's locked? Infraction points dangerously close to ban level? Found some tasty stupid too good to just mock with your IRC channel of choice? Share the lulz with everyone here.

The rules are pretty simple.


This is a rule me and the mod team are gonna enforce pretty strictly. Don't come here if you got butthurt by some member who just pointed out canon negated your ideas, don't come whinging because you were banned for spamming up the threads with advertisements for your shitty roleplay/yaoi fanfiction/shinny darkria trades, don't come here bitching about being banned from an IRC channel for being a prick. We don't want to hear it and odds are we'll just thank you for sparing us the trouble of posting about your fail. There are personal journals for a reason. Use them for that. Also:

pf_s is not your personal army

pf_s is not your personal army

pf_s is not your personal army

This comm is for the lulz, and strictly for the lulz. Remember that and everything will be much easier.

2. No trolling of personal journals

I shouldn't even have to put this here but sadly some people are big enough assholes that they have to be told it. Just don't do it. Period. It'll get us in trouble with lj_abuse, one, and two, it's just a dick move. If we find out you did it, you will get the banhammer.

3. Don't be an asshole

Racist, classist, sexist, ableist, and homophobic/transphobic posts/comments WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. pf_s isn't a safe space, but it's also not going to be a free space for bigotry. Also, trigger warning and lj-cut any fanfiction/posts you feel might need it (anything dealing with rape/sexual abuse mostly). We all enjoy laughs at the expense of morons, but we also can be civil, polite human beings in the process.

More rules may be added if events warrant. Remember: the word of a mod is FINAL, and if all else fails refer to Rule #3.

Our IRC channel is #pf_s on irc.systemnet.info. Come by for realtime lulz, memespam, shenanigans, and tomfoolery.