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Yoshi-san is now ashfangirl's #1 enemy! - Pokeforum Snark
Saving the Pokemon fandom from stupidity, one lol at a time
Yoshi-san is now ashfangirl's #1 enemy!
 Where to begin.....(BTW Yoshi-san=me)

ashfangirl is an infamous user on BMGf. She is a great example why a lot of people hate shipping and shippers in the fandom. As the name suggests she has an seemingly unhealthly obsession with Ash Ketchum. She is also a self-proclaimed "500% Anti-Pokeshipper"(Ash/Misty) and a diehard Pikashipper(Ash/Pikachu) and she has to remind everyone about that nearly every single posts she makes. She stereotypes mostly all shippers except for those who like her favorite ship. So basically she's not so popular with most of the shipping fandom on BMGf.

So, ashfangirl decides to leave BMGf forever because she made too many enemies than friends there. Well she make a blog about it filled to the brim with Schmuck Bait all over it with this "Don't bother trying to flaming me anymore in the comments, I'll ignore you". Well I took the bait by commenting with "Don't let the door hit you on the way out~!" which I also put as the topic on my Pokeshipping channel on IRC as a joke.

Well......She came back hours later and decides to STALK me all over the forums including actually going on various places she hates the most! I vaguely mention her on a post on the Pokeshipping thread, and she derails it to try to prove a point. She goes on my channel spamming  in it while claiming she's not butthurt at all. Then she decides not to leave the forums at all just because of me~! How delightful~!

tl;dr I comment once on her blog and she gets butthurt to the max!

bmgf.bulbagarden.net/blog.php <<her blog post

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nekusagi From: nekusagi Date: March 11th, 2010 03:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Needs caps.

But that was beautiful.
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